Author Topic: Problems with finalising contract  (Read 680 times)

Hi Forum,

I am the manager of the Digital Media program in RMIT Vietnam. We are looking to buy a large number of Substance Painter licenses in order to continue teaching this lovely software. We have had some some trouble finalizing the contract in order for it to be compliant with Vietnam law. 

I am addressing this issue via the forum as we have had trouble getting a response from your sales email.

Here is the issue: you have given us a scanned copy of the contract. Out legal dept tells us that scanned copies are ok, but must observe the following requirements:

1. The delegation letter must be in English (currently it is in French)
2. The signatures on the delegation letter and the contract must originally have been in wet ink (currently Charles Brégeon's signatures are identical embedded digital files)

To finalize:
- Please send the scanned copy of the contract to us via email
- Following that, please send two copies of the original contract to us by post to RMIT Vietnam

Our address is:
702 Nguyen Van Linh Street,
Tan Phong Ward, District 7
Ho Chi Minh City
Vietnam 70000

I look forward to getting a solution to this issue as soon as possible.

Hi Martin,

I'm currently looking at the best way to fill the documents and send them to you, please do contact me directly for questions related to contracts and affiliated documents.