Author Topic: Problems with Specular Map/Glossy Map  (Read 1660 times)


I am still working with B2M 3.

I have to set a Glossy Map and use it in Cinema 4d r21.

To get a Specular Map, i got to invert the Glossy Map.
I have a Concrete Map and a Wood Map.

In the Gray Concrete Map i got only the Normal and the Glossy is working.

If i Invert the Glossy map into a Speculal Map with Color Invert, i dont see any Reflection. Even if i simply set a Plastic Map with a reflection, and i set a reflection Roughness with the inverted Glossymap i only see Shades. i thought i would have some nice Spots, where the Reflection is Weak and Strong.

I got no Reflection if i use a Map, generated in B2M 3. What should i do ?