Author Topic: Painted mask with hidden mesh results in wrong painting  (Read 1713 times)

I try to use the latest feature and hide the meshes to be able to paint in hardly accessible areas. That's a nice feature that at the first glance seems to work fine but for some reason as soon as I unhide previously hidden mesh the painting gets reprojected on it and is being remove from the place it used to be.

In attachments you can see the mask layer before and after one of the mesh is being unhidden.

Is it a limitation or a bug?

The problem is that substance never actually hides things from drawing. It will still draw on backfaces (even though they are not visible) and it still draws onto invisible UV Tiles. I think for now the only workaround is to use Mari instead, which is a shame given its price tag. :/

It may be possible to render out Substances brush strokes and reimport them as an image (basically exporting the masks and then reimporting them), which could also workaround your issue (but beware of seams between visible and hidden UV Tiles which you may need to fix later).