Author Topic: Painter crashes every time file window is opened.  (Read 2987 times)

Every time new window for selecting file is opened, painter crashes and closes immediately.
I had this problem before where when the windows preview pane is turned on (I'm using windows 10 update 2004), the open file window will try to preview the file every time a file is selected, then painter will crash. Now, it crashes immediately without being able to select any file.

I tried to open different project and use project settings to change the file. Same problem. Crash immediately once the file window is opened.

I'm using v: 2020.1.2 (6.1.2) and tried to move back to 2020.1.1 (6.1.1) and same problem.

Any help is really appreciated, my deadline is getting close.

update: It will crash, every time I open any directory that contain obj files.

update: Problem is related to windows. If the icons is not in anything other than details icon (basically if windows tries to preview the files, painter will 100% crash)
I resolved this issue for now by changing all the icon mode to details but I'm not sure if this is a bug on windows or painter.
Anyway, hopefully this could be fixed in the future and this post might be of help for someone with the same problem.

Thanks for the tip! I've been fighting with this for the last couple of days. Super glad to learn about this workaround!

Thanks for pointing out this workaround @generic_male52 !
We are currently investigating the issue and trying to reproduce it on our side.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Hi all,

I've been having this issue and I think I've pinpointed the issue.

I disabled showing thumbnails for icon view and I'm now able to view folders that have OBJ's in them from within substance painter. The issue seems to be that when the file explorer within substance tried to render a thumbnail view of an OBJ, it crashes. Hence why using detail view (or any view that does not show a file preview) works.

Hopefully this can be addressed in a near patch, as it is a little annoying to not be able to use thumbnails for ALL files as a result of this bug (I haven't found a way to turn off thumbnails for only OBJs for example, which would be preferable if anyone's found that work-around setting).

Thanks! Disabling thumbnails worked for me on 2020.2.0 (Windows 10 Home v2004)

Hey, I also had this issue. 

I couldn't disable my icons for the one folder I needed to get into, for some reason Substance Painter really wanted to open that file in image view despite it being set to document only.

I ended up making the explorer window very tiny so it only showed the folder icon inside the folder I needed when I opened it, I was then able to switch the viewer over to details only. From there I was able to expand the explorer panel and use it normally with out crashing.

This work around is after a clean reinstall, a deletion of Local files and trying some registry edits. I also deleted Windows 3D previewer app, but this didn't affect the issue.

A very painful couple of hours workaround that a bug fix for would be just great ^_^

The only Solve I have been able to find is to not use Substance designer file Explorer to open or update Models.

The best work around is to avoid the "Open" operation at all costs. Should really be called "Crash"

Just open the folder in Windows. And drag and drop the Obj you want onto the Viewport.

It opens the project window and the Obj is qued to load.

Same for updating the model if changes have been made in another program.

This really should be addressed. Even if it is a windows problem. Substance should change how their  file explorer handles previews and and Windows explore file display settings. So they can remain consistent across folders.

So you can set the Explore to List. And have it be on List, across all folders.

This is an old topic, the issue has been identified as being the fault of another application.
Please check out our software conflicts page:
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
Fabrice Piquet aka Froyok. Product Manager, Technical Artist and Documentation at Adobe.