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Littel test in Substance Painter

very cool, the eyes with the grids look super awesome

IMO the inside of the barrels should have kind of streight lines instead of this dirt

Thanks for the reply.

More Turrets

Created with Blender, 3d Coat und Substance Painter.
Render: Blender Cycles.

Nice, are you using the PBR shader setup in Blender?

PBR shader Setup?

I use the one from Blendswap.
Is there something new for Cycles?

Many thanks. I will take a look over it.

Those look great! I might try the same workflow soon, where you make the high poly in 3d coat right? (Do you use cage baking?)

Many Thanks.
I only use Hi-Lowpoly workflow on the rounded Turret.
The 3 others (black/yellow) are only Lowpoly work, no baking at all.

Yes, i use 3d Coat for my work.
I like the Normalmap detailing in 3d Coat much more as in Painter.
Then i switch to Designer and bake the needed maps for Painter.
I hope we get soon some baking options for Painter.