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I have a large project coming up where we'll be exporting GLTF models that have multiple variations in texture and color. I'm trying to make all of the variants in one project for a given object. One of the processes that has been slowing me down during our R&D phase is having to rename the texture sets for the different variants prior to exporting. For example, I need to render out one version in black and another version in red. The GLTF exporter automatically names the GLTF file whatever the project name is and the texture sets get whatever they are named in the list. I have to rename the set list once for the black version and once more for the red version. This isn't so bad when you have only two variants. But I have about 90 objects that have 3-4 variants per object. A lot of times we have to rerender these after we view them in our software and see that things aren't looking quite right in one area or another, so the amount of times I have to rename the set list becomes a massive waste of time.

Right now we're considering just making separate project files for every variant but I don't think this will speed anything up. I think it will end up being slower. So I wanted to reach out to the community here and see if anyone has any advice for a better workflow or maybe drop some Substance knowledge that I've missed.


I would be extremely interested in a solution to this.

At present, I use layer folders to make the variants. When I export, I change the name of the Texture Set (I have $textureSet in the file naming) and turn on the visibility of the folder of which variant I'm exporting and manually hiding the rest. My current project has 6 variants, so naturally it gets tedious to manually export 6 times.

I would be extremely interested in a solution to this.

Same here. I use different workarounds but I never found a good solution for this problem.

@Substance  Any official solution?


I would be extremely interested in a solution to this.

Yes please!