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I Substance Forum, actually i want to know if it's possibile to have more version installed at once.
I'm using the substance launcher and i already tried to download both last version and an older one that i need for work.
I noticed i need to reinstall everytime i need to switch version, so my question is if it's possibile to have both of them installed.
Thank you in advance.

So long as it's not the first time Painter has been installed on your PC the installer pulls a default install directory from your Registry and as such will always try to reinstall over the current version installed. Try using an installer switch to force an install into a different directory.

Download the installer from the website directly (not the launcher) into a folder.
Navigate to that folder and shift-right click an emptry area and select "Open command window here"
Run the exe with a /DIR command such as /DIR="X:\Directory\to\use

For example, if I wanted to install to my "Software" folder on my D drive I would use

SubstancePainter_Installer.exe /DIR="D:\Software\Substance Painter"

I am not certain this will work, I've never tried it myself but it's a common install switch for many softwares. I'm just not sure how shared registry values will work out between multiple installs of the software
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