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I'm a long time substance painter user, but I've always used sp with Redshift & Houdini. It works out of the box. I moved studio recently and they are Vray Maya users. Using the demo scene from substance with maya and vray I notice that the vray preset export maps export incorrect maps for the vray shader example. The 5 maps the shader needs are diffuse, glossiness ior normal and reflection. I have tried to create a new preset to export these channels. I have been using converted maps for each of the required channels, but no maps ever get exported. I'm pretty sure its user error, but I've spent a while trying to hunt down using custom export template workflow and I cant seem to find it.  When I create a project the Template dialog fails to show my custom template. Any clues would be great because as it stands I really cant figure out how to get sp to work with vray and may.  Many thanks in advance

Are you using VRAY 3? As there are different maps exported for VRAY 3 as opposed to using VRAY 5 for example.
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Thanks .

I just updated their vray installation. Yep all seems much more straightforward again. It's a long time since I used Vray.