Author Topic: Some thoughts on the new Substance Share beta.  (Read 3159 times)


Regarding Substance Share beta, I think I would love to see three-four little things that might help both creators and users down the road, what do you think?

1. Filtering content new to old and vice versa.

2. If a material may get an update, show that there is a new version of it?

3. Showing which shared assets we already downloaded.

4. I have already downloaded two materials, both names wood.sbsar - With a passion like this, we may end up with dozens of same named sbars over and over  -- With an ID and naming system on upload it could look like this:

Give content creators an ID number and make a rule-set for content creators when it comes to naming.

Content creator (Example) Kelly Recco = ID0004

Name of Material + maybe counting number or other extra info

Resulting file name on download:


This would prevent uploaders from sharing hundreds of same rock.sbsar filenames and files could be sorted by its creators a little quicker.

Thanks for the new update, I like it!

Cheers, Tobias
Senior Environment Artist

Hi Tobias,

Thanks a lot for the feedback!
We'll see what we can do to improve on those points, you have very good ideas!

PO @ Allegorithmic