Author Topic: Strange result - Should it be like this? (normal map)  (Read 611 times)

Hi, I'm trying to done the second bake in my life, but this time with much more advanced model. I'm following Tim Bergholz AKM tutorial about workflow and settings, but ofcourse I've tried changing them to see if the results will be better.

I thought my normal map on the model will look much better, but there are some jaggy edges, curved surfaces are not much round and even some parts look like not baked at all. I wonder is this is normal and after applying all the materials it will not be noticeable, or there is something wrong with my model/bake?

Here are 4 examples compared with HP in Blender.

Baking high to low requires matching silhouettes. Make sure your high and low are matching as close as possible. I have several posts on these forums regarding baking if you search.

Some shapes you'll be forced to add more geometry to get a proper bake regardless.

Looking at some of your screenshots I can already tell your low is not correct. I see this a lot when people make their low poly mesh first, then use sub-surf and create the high then just go straight into baking. I'm not sure if this was your approach but it doesn't look like you made the high first and did manual retopo, but correct me if I'm wrong.
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Thanks for reply.

First I made a midpoly mesh and from reduced loops etc. to make low poly. From this same midpoly mesh I made high poly - with simple elements I just added Bevel + Subdivision modifiers. For more complicated ones, I manually added support loops. I've then made some adjustment to match my LP to HP model, but it looks like maybe I should focus on this more.

Here is the last part of my model showed earlier (bold black line is hp edge)
So here if I will move my edges up to perfect match HP, then line beetwen two vertices will be inside HP (now is perfect match). So the only thing I could do here is adding more geometry to LP to make this piece rounder.

Third example:
In my opinion this looks right, but bake wasn't so smooth. Should I add more loops on this yellow face on the left?

Second example:
Same situtation as described earlier - to perfect match roundness I would need to double vertices count on this part. But then making normal map kinda loose it sense for me, cause it shoud be used o save geometry and not to make it match  1:1?

As per my prior comment, the silhouette should be very close, this doesn't mean you need a dense low poly, but following the edge flow is important. Normal maps are not going to magically make a hexagon turn into a smooth circle; it simply doesn't work that way.

I have lots of posts about baking, do some digging and you'll find your answers.
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)