Author Topic: Blurry textures - need some help?  (Read 554 times)

Hi, I can say that I'm a rookie in Substance Painter (know some basic things but want to learn more and more :)).
I have to texture 5-floor building with interior and exterior. I decided to do texture for the ground floor and first floor and then I'll just duplicate the first floor for the other 4 floors. I also have 2-3 accessible flats on each floor.
I've done uvs for ground floor (hole floor, exterior and interior on one uv space without UDIMs, coz i'm limited with a number of textures ), imported in Painter, done basic textures and when i wanted to add some details i saw that my textures are very blurry.

Is it possible that the problem is size of my uv islands, coz i have walls that are 20-30 meters long and 3 meters high and i put all stuff on one uv space?

The textures I used are 2k and more, also i set my resolution to 2k . For some walls i used Tri planar projections and for some parts, i used UV projections and also on some parts i scaled texture, but it's also blurry without scale.

Can anybody help/explain what i'm doing wrong and what can i do to fix that?


Doing environments and interior work on a single map like that wont give you crisp results due to the texel density.

Look into other things like Material Blending, and Trim Sheets. If you're going to do an environment you don't want to texture everything within a 2K map like that. Painter really isn't the right tool for this. I would be making my materials in Designer and using Material Blending in UE4/Unity or whatever to direct where they go based off masking.
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