Author Topic: Live masking your brushes vs layer masking  (Read 496 times)

I’m a long time Mari user and finally trying to make the switch to Substitute Painter for texturing creatures and characters. There are a few things I rely on for my Mari painting workflow and wondering if there’s a way to do similar in SP.
The biggest thing I’m missing is a way to “live mask” a brush with a mesh map  or other channel as I’m painting, but NOT do it as an overall mask for the entire layer. For example, I’d like to use curvature to limit where my paint brush lays down coverage for several strokes, then turn off that mask, paint some more, then perhaps use inverted curvature as a mask for a few minutes over on another area, etc.  I love Painter’s ability to mask a layer or group with any imaginable combination of generators and maps, but quite often I want more control to mask at the brush level while painting.   Maybe there’s a way to do this that I’m just overlooking?