Author Topic: A way to connect 1 output to a large numbers of (function) nodes inputs  (Read 1453 times)

I regularly work on filters that take a large number of samples or iterations and it can be a real headache when you expose a new variable for one of your iterations and to connect it in your main graph to, say, 64 iterations of that subgraph.

I just added a new input to this function

And now I have to reconnect it, indeed, 64 times.

For me, this situation comes up on the regular.

Functionality wise, I imagine something like this:
First you select the node with the output you want to connect. Through a button load this selection as "source node". Then either by output number or by identifier select which output will be connected to the group of receiving nodes.

Now select the group of nodes that will receive the new input. Press a button to load in this selection as "receiving nodes". Then select which input all of these nodes will connect, by number or identifier.

Finally press a button to connect the selected output to all of the selected inputs.

I imagine this might be possible through Python, but I personally have little programming experience, so don't really know where to even start.