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bought substance, went to download some materials and it says i have reached my limit of 50. i have downloaded 3. It says I should check my account , but i dont know what i am checking for. is there always a limit on downloads? the capatcha verification is also driving me nuts.

When you login to Source you'll see your points at the top right:

If that shows 0 then you're either not logged into your allegorithmic account, maybe your adobe, if it shows more than 0 then you have that many downloads. It will add 30 per month.

I'm not sure about a download limit beyond this.
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thank you for replying - my box says 0 , i only bought it two days ago and haven't downloaded more than 3 or 4. 

@poom could you please check this thread and le me know if this fixes the issue?,36241.0.html

But when I look into your account (linked to your forum profile) you have only ever downloaded 1 free asset (satin fabric) and have 0 points and no subscription.
Maybe you have several substance accounts and you have logged into the wrong one?
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