Author Topic: How to start from existing FBX and PNG?  (Read 290 times)

I have an existing FBX model and 4096x4096 PNG texture (not tiled, just one texture that wraps around using the model's existing UVs). I want to import these to Substance Painter and use the existing texture as a base that I will then refine and draw on top of.

How do I do this?

I've imported my model (via File > New...), imported my texture (via File > Import Resources...), and created a Fill layer (Window > Layers > wand icon > Add fill), but I can't figure out how to apply the texture to the fill. Does my texture need to be turned into a material first?

This seems crazily difficult, is there a way easier more obvious method I'm missing?

Create a Fill Layer, not Paint Layer, and drag and drop the texture into the proper channel. So if this is a diffuse/base color drop it in there.
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See screenshot.
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Aha, I was so close, thank you both (especially for the screenshot)!