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I have a recent install of Substance Painter that I'm having trouble getting to run.  I've run through the steps for common issues that would cause Painter to crash upon start-up, but still can't pinpoint the problem.

* Uninstalled Asus GPU Tweak
* Quit out of online file backup programs
* Ran through sfc and DISM
* Went into graphics settings, added Substance Painter, and set to use high performance settings (GTX 1080)
* Made sure I'm on latest graphics drivers
* Checked the Python path

I'm at a loss.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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You need to upload the log file, not Dxdiag.

Do you have more than 1 monitor and is SP starting on the Windows #1 monitor? That's a 'quirk' of SP.

I just uploaded the log file to the original post.  I do have two monitors and am starting it on #1.
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It appears that you have an almost year old driver version, I suggest that you go to and update your gpu driver.

I'm running the 461.40 driver, released on 1/26/2021, for my GTX 1080.  This is the most recent driver available on NVIDIA's website.