Author Topic: (FIXED) Alpha Channel of Packed Texture Not Exporting As Expected  (Read 124 times)

Hi there, I'm trying to export a mask from Substance Painter that is intended for vertex painting inside UE4. The mask is in a packed texture along with AO (Red channel), Roughness (Green channel) and Metallic (Blue channel), leaving the mask for the Alpha channel.

This is what the blending mask looks like according to the preview inside the Painter project:

And this is what the isolated alpha channel looks like once exported:

If anyone could help with this, it would be much appreciated.

Last Edit: January 21, 2021, 10:46:59 pm

A quick update - as it turns out, I wasn't paying attention upon exporting the textures. The saved Output template in the Painter project file was an old, cached output template that I was no longer using for my project.

I didn't notice this (the swapped positions of Roughness/Metallic and a message in parentheses apparently wasn't a big enough tip-off for me), so I scrubbed through the drop-down list for a maybe a similarly-named template that I was mistakenly selecting - couldn't see one. So I chose my intended template and exited the export window without saving the settings (incorrectly believing my intended template to already be the default setting for the project). What a buffoon.

All fixed now though.