Author Topic: Mesh missing on FBX import  (Read 255 times)

Apologies if this is in the wrong place.

Newbie to Substance, wanting to start practicing on a mesh I have, checked the backfacing cull in 3DS Max and it seems to be fine. However when importing the mesh as an FBX in Substance Painter, some mesh items like this door are missing.

For curiosity sake I tried flipping the polygons on the door and importing it again as an FBX to Substance Painter - the mesh then appears as it should but darker than the rest of the mesh, any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated.

Make sure your normals are facing correctly, then in Painter use the Metal Rough with Alpha Blending shader to see both sides of a single face.

The normals seem fine as with backfacing cull on, when viewing the other side of the mesh, nothing is visible.

The mesh isn't double sided as it wasn't designed that way so I'm not sure why I'd need to see both sides of a single face when the opposite side of what is visible is needed.

If the face is not double sided then of course you wont see it unless you use another shader in Painter.

Most likely user error with the mesh so please provide the mesh part in question causing the issue and I'll take a look.

Have just exported the same mesh as an OBJ and it's behaving as intended. I'll check the FBX exporting settings.

Issue Fixed. Selected all the mesh, Reset XForm, re-exported as an FBX. All fixed.

This can also happen for another reason. If your normals are facing correctly but your scale is negative on the part it will do this. Using Reset XForm in MAX fixes this problem.