Author Topic: Gothic Window Tracery Designer  (Read 1992 times)

Here is the beta of my Gothic Window Tracery designer that I have been working on as a way to learn about functions in Substance Designer. My idea was to create a tool to quickly iterate through designs and since Gothic tracery is in some ways considered procedural art I thought it should be a good challenge to take on in designer.   Recreate and explore classic tracery designs or create your own.  Select from pre-made common design elements,  create your own using custom detail creator or combine a bit of each. Design your own rosette and secondary detail patterns with endless possibilities and happy accidents. 6  presets included to showcase different possibilities or to use as a starting point for your own design.

Some possibilities listed shown below. Wall texture used below is from the stock library. The graph set up to accept a full material input for  any desired  background wall texture.  If not connected to a wall texture, will render to a black background.

Any feedback  or suggestions for improvement gratefully appreciated.  SBSAR  attached at bottom of post for evaluation.

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