Author Topic: IRay GPU rendering issues  (Read 359 times)

I'm having trouble rendering with IRay with my GPU.

If I disable the GPU altogether, it renders fine, albeit slowly.  If I enable the GPU at all, regardless of whether the CPU box is checked, it hangs when I attempt to go to the render view.  The render view never comes up.  It stays in the Painting mode layout, with the blue circle spinning and Substance Painter is unresponsive.  Letting it sit for a while does not help, as it never completes (and I let it sit for an hour).  Windows task manager shows no GPU activity, but MSI Afterburner shows full load, which leads me to believe that it's trying to do something, but nothing is happening.  If I set the render settings to 90 seconds, with the CPU it renders fine.  If I leave the settings the same, and turn on the GPU, it hangs forever.  I've already set the TDR as directed in the support documents.  The behavior is the same no matter which model I use (and I tried seven different ones).  The models are coming from Maya 2018 and Maya 2020, and I'm careful to clean up the meshes and not let any UVs cross boundaries.

Here are my system specs:
Windows 10 build 2004
Intel i9 10900-X 10-core 3.7G (Cascade Lake)
64G memory
RTX 2080 Ti 11G
M.2 SSD with around 3.5 TB free

I created a log dump and looked at it - there are a number of warnings, but no errors.  I've attached it.

Edit: I'm using Substance Painter 2019.1.3.
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Anyone have any ideas?  How can I get it to render with the GPU?

Update:  I was fooling around with Blender and Cycles today, and ran into a similar crash - if I turn on the Optix denoiser, it does the same thing.  Does IRay do denoising? Does it use Optix, or does it perhaps use a similar denoising method?  Is there a way to adjust denoising in Substance?  Is there any other information that I can provide to help troubleshoot the crash?  I'd really rather use IRay in Substance than having to move everything over to Maya or Blender to do the rendering.

We don't have any denoiser included in Substance Painter.
You can maybe try to update your GPU drivers to the latest version to see if it helps with your issue.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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Video drivers are already up to date, as far as I can tell.  I also just noticed that Blender's implementation of Optix is experimental, so that's probably a separate issue.  Just thought it might help - I'm running into a blank wall with this.  I guess I'll just have to take the models back to Maya to do any rendering.  Still monitoring this thread to see if anyone can figure this out.

I don't run into issues very often, but apparently when I do, I get the hard ones. :P