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Hi @korindian77
Here is our developer's comment/request regarding your question, please let me know if this answers your question:

1- there's no baseColor texture in the Substance. In HDRP, we use that texture to automatically generate a 'mask' texture. So in his Substance, there are no mask textures, which, I believe, is mandatory in HDRP.
2- but for his immediate concerns: his alpha8 UNorm problem comes from the fact that the Substance contains custom outputs (identified in the graphs as "Maps" textures).
I'm hoping that his "Maps" textures are actually meant to be "basecolor" textures!
-> We need the corresponding .sbs file.

I appreciate the response. I've PM'd you the .sbs file.

In that substance, I did not specify any of the four outputs as baseColor in Substance Designer because none of them were being used as a baseColor (albedo) in that substance. I have my own various masks packed into RGBA channels, and combining them with other not-included substance graphs' outputs in the shader, I'm creating the values that I need. Therefore I have no baseColor map in the substance I sent you, but I would still like to be able to set RAW compression for the outputs, so I can bake uncompressed textures. If I don't assign a usage to the outputs, or if I choose "any" for the outputs, I get the Alpha8 problem.

If I set all the outputs to baseColor, even if they are not being used in that way, I can change the compression to RAW and not have the Alpha8 problem. This seems counterintuitive to me.

Why does there need to be a baseColor map in HDRP, if I'm not using any of the built-in HDRP Lit shaders, but am creating my own shaders using Unity's Shader Graph? With my use case, I don't use the HDRP material nor the "mask" output generated by Substance in Unity.

It would be great if we can set an output in Substance Designer, see that output within the substance in Unity, and set sRGB and RAW individually for every texture without needing everything to conform to the built-in HDRP shaders. Nothing needs to be mandatory in HDRP if I'm not using the built-in shaders.

At least there is a workaround by setting all non-normal maps to baseColor in order to get RAW to work, even if they're just separate noises packed into the channels, and I thank the developer for pointing that out.

Also, please note that the apply/revert popup still comes up after changing the compression, applying, and then clicking on one of the generated textures, and clicking apply or revert does the opposite of what the buttons say. Applying reverts the compression change, and reverting keeps the new compression setting.
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Hi @korindian77 We are looking the best way possible to accommodate this.
We have a meeting with engineers involved and will let you know when we have a fix for this issue.


Hello @ korindian77
We have fixed the issue and the fix will be in future release of the plugin.


Awesome. Thanks for being responsive!