Author Topic: Distorted areas when baking in Substance (exclusively)  (Read 263 times)

Hi. Here's the illustration of an issue I'm having:

On the left (in Substance Painter) the baked area on the cheeks is being super stretched and distorted. Stretching shows up on all the baked maps (except ID, didn't bake that one).

I've re-baked with different settings, different UVs - same result. However, when baking the same maps via Knald the bake doesn't have this problem (middle). Throwing a quick UV checker in Blender also doesn't show any distortions in UV (right).

I've been using this set up for years and never ran into such issue before.
If it helps, here's my regular workflow when doing characters:
-export sculpted high poly from zBrush;
-wrap generic pre-UVd low poly mesh i've been using for years to high poly with R3DSWrap;
-do precision tweaking by hand, double check everything in blender;
-import to SP, bake and texture;

Would appreciate any advice on what could've gone wrong.