Author Topic: Custome Working Space in Designer  (Read 1176 times)

Hello everyone,
happy new year and best wishes for 2021 !

I wanted to bring your attention on a specific point that may interest you.
Since version 10.2.1 (if I recall correctly), the working (color) space is displayed in the preferences, which is great.

If I am not mistaken, this setting is directly related to the 'scene_linear' role from the OCIO config.

But what if I want to work in a different colorspace without modifying my 'scene_linear' role ?

It is not uncommon in schools and studios to :
  • render in ACEScg
  • comp in ACEScg with Nuke
  • but paint textures in Linear - sRGB
I would even say that this workflow is pretty frequent...

Another software has taken this in account which is quite flexible :

I find this system of callback particularly interesting because it gives you a choice and gives you flexibility.
Here is a link to the doc if needed :
Currently, in Designer, I feel like I am bit forced into the 'scene_linear' role which may not suit my workflow.

Why would I need this choice ? I can think of a couple of reasons :
  • Legacy reasons : texture artists have painted textures in lin_srgb for the past 20 years and would like to keep doing it.
  • PBR reasons : ACEScg primaries are more or less equivalent to lasers. I do not want to reach this kind of value in my textures.

I would llike to propose a role called 'substance_working' to follow the same callback logic. It could even be compatibe with Substance Painter when OCIO is implemented...  ;)