Author Topic: Painter on Steam VS Linked Standalone - Which version do I use?  (Read 630 times)

Hello  :)

Got Painter on Steam recently and linked my account to Substance - All good. Got access to the Standalone installer.

So...should I uninstall the Steam version and use the standalone? What are others doing?

I'd like to verify the installer (and license all work), but don't have the M2 drive space to install both (even if I can).

This is my first time with this software, so does Painter notify me of updates through the software, or do I have to keep checking online somewhere to get any new releases? I have noticed on Steam a list of hotfixes etc for the software - which makes me think I have to look online. I can't find a "Check for Updates" within SP. So what's the deal?

Also...if I uninstall the steam version - how should that be done? Through my computer's "Programs and Features" or through the Steam interface. (I think I saw an uninstall link there somewhere).

Many thanks.

Link Steam
Unfortunately, since the end of February you are no longer able to sync your Steam license to your Substance profile. The page has since been disabled.

Upgrade perpetual license.
Any upgrade involves surrendering your perpetual license for a discounted subscription. If a subscription is cancelled in the future, you will lose access to the software.