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I am using sbsar files with 4k resolution for maps in unity3d. The number of sbsar files loaded in a scene will vary. There can be chances that 8 to 10 sbsar files are loaded in scene simultaneously. I want to achieve below things -

1. I want to optimize the use of substance in unity3d so that application can run without any issues. Currently with 4k textures, whenever I change any values of sbsar file (eg. normal intensity), it takes around 20 to 30 seconds to show the effect and also a lot of cpu power. In some cases the application freezes and crash.

2. I have to bake the maps for all sbsar files in a folder by running a loop that goes through all textures of all graphs at runtime once all the tweaking is done. This process is taking a lot of cpu power and memory. I want to optimize this process. I have checked the substance in unity api but have no clue how I can optimize it using 4k textures.

3. Also I am loading sbsar files from assetbundles and they are taking a good amount of time to load and render on any object.

Please suggest and help me to optimize it.

Hello @prabhu singar 0
What platform (Windows/Mac) are you using?
What is the version of Unity & Substance plugin?
How much RAM, CPU cores, GPU?
Do you only see the performance/crash problem with 4k textures? How about 2k textures? Do they not crash?
Does your system not crash if you have for instance 5 sbar files? What is the number of sbars you can load and your app does not crash?


We need to use it on both windows and mac.

Unity - 2019.4.17 LTS
Substance plugin - 2.5.4

Have tried on different configuration mac and windows -
1. Windows 16 gb ram, i7 processor, nvidia 1070 ti graphic card - application hangs and goes not responding while tweaking values.
2. Windows 8 gb ram, i7 processor, nvidia 1050 graphic card - application hangs and crashes sometimes while tweaking values.
3. Mac 16 gb ram , i7 processor, 4 GB GDDR6 AMD Radeon Pro Graphics - application hangs and pc needed to restart sometimes. Not able to do anything else on that mac.

I have tested it on some more mac laptops (mac book air). application crashes sometimes even on 2k resolution.

I am facing this issue with 2k and 4k both.

I want to know if I need to use 4k option with 5 to 8 sbsar files. Will it work on most of the pc's.
What will be the minimum configuration for mac and windows is needed to support 5 to 8 sbsar files in a scene?

Do you guys provide a solution based on GPU based on requirements?


Hi @prabhu singar 0
You have enough CPU power and RAM for UNITY not to hang. Are you using SBARs from Substance Source or using your own (created by Substance Painter?). Can you send me the sbars (you can send me a direct message if you want to).
I doubt that this is an issue with 2019.4.17 LTS but, have you tried a different version of Unity to see if the problem goes away. Also, are using HDRP, URP or standard 3D template?
You can send me your project and its dependencies also if it is not a problem.