Author Topic: Proper SVG import and editing  (Read 960 times)

I would like to request a much more robust SVG import option, as the current one has many issues like:

1. Imported svgs are of a weird size and adding new shapes to them only show up as much smaller versions of themselves in the top left corner.
See the first picture.
In the explorer view, the SVG is weirdly small, but seems to retain the curves. In the node graph though, its the opposite. The resolution seems to be normal, but the curves are gone. Furthermore, you can see the outline of a square shape I created. You may think its behind or invisible, but actually its right there, in the top left corner, the incredibly small shape on the red flag. Yes that is the square, you can only select it there and any shape you make ony ever takes up space in that corner.

2. Imported and created svgs don't curve with the path properly. If you make a rounded square shape, the corners are 45 degree cuts. See the second picture. This same issue also pops up with the pen tool.

Please, make it so that the svgs work properly, they are very usefull.