Author Topic: Scaling material issue  (Read 714 times)

Hello and happy new year.

Already made a similar topic a while back, but this one is different i think.
My issue is the uv scaling function of the material properties, which kinda isnt doing what i expected.
When increasing the scale to its limit the material/texture starts to disappear.
You can see in this video how the normal map behaves as expected, but after scale 50-60 just blending away (resolution texture size is 4k).
Also put an example record of what i expect the scale functions results look like in 3ds Max.

What i want to achieve is a high detailed skin texture without UDIMs. But right now its the only way i can think of to create the detailed normals.

Is this the only way to achieve this? Or am i totally missing something? Cant start texturing anything right now due to this problem, its quite frustrating...
And my issue does not have to do with texel density.

Hello? Could i get some support, please?