Author Topic: [SOLVED] Macbook Pro Substance Designer Installation Problem  (Read 1799 times)

Hey guys,

I've recently been traveling a lot and really would like to be able to use Substance Designer on my laptop, but I am having that crashing on launch issue with my MBP that so many others have had. I am trying to install the latest build of SD (2017.2.1). When trying to apply the fix suggested in the forums I am realizing that the issue may be the installer and not the application once installed.

What I mean is, the most commonly prescribed remedy is to mess about with the .key file inside of User/Library/Application Support/Allegorithmic/Substance Designer/. Problem is after I install, nothing but Substance exists. No "Allegorithmic" folder or "Substance Designer" folder was created inside of the Application Support folder. I have run searches for all of these to see if they may be hiding somewhere else in the file structure, but alas there is nothing, not a ".key" file, only a ~700mb Substance file.

It is not surprising that this software can't launch, there is no way everything it needs to reference exists inside the application and that no support folders were necessary. Although the Substance Designer.exe is much smaller on my PC, it still seems like more than a mere .app should be installed on the Mac side for it to function. I am even more certain that something is failing on my install because everyone else using a Mac seems to be able to find an Allegorithmic folder.

If it matters, I tried installing the legacy version of SD which actually launched, but seemed not to have any of the resources it needed to open any of my .SBAR files. It did however create an Allegorithmic folder unlike the 2017.2.1 install file. Oddly, it created inside of both my documents folder and my application support the same weird empty structure of : /Allegorithmic/6/License.key

What is going on here? (Crash report included)

Macbook Pro mid 2012
OS version 10.11.6 (latest)
2.6 gHz i7
8 GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1gig (is this the problem?)


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Hi Ben,

I sent you a PM :)
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