Author Topic: No Middle Mouse Button  (Read 8241 times)

Really simple question, I'm on my laptop and don't have my mouse with me, how do I navigate a graph with out a middle mouse button?  :o

I can't seem to see an alternative anywhere?

CTRL+RMB to pan graph
ALT+RMB to zoom graph

I'm sure I tried that, works on my desktop anyway. I'll check again on my laptop later.

Thanks :)

Ah, the problem is it doesn't recognise the two finger gesture for right click, making pressing the right button, alt or ctrl and dragging around practically impossible.

Guess I'll have to remember my mouse :/

one "workaround" for navigating without mouse and RMB is to select nodes and hit "F" to zoom in.

I guess you are using an apple device, which makes trackpad RMB unusable for navigation - would be great, if not only two-finger-zooming would work, but also panning

I have RMB, just no MMB. However pressing the gesture for RMB on the touchpad doesn't work, so pressing the button, the keyboard and dragging at the same time is quite hard :D

Not apple either btw, W7.

CTRL+RMB to pan graph
ALT+RMB to zoom graph

As of Substance Designer 2017.1.3 on macOS High Sierra, CTRL+RMB no longer pans. Then new shortcuts appear to be

CMD+RMB to pan graph
ALT+RMB to zoom graph