Author Topic: Maintain hard pixel edge through Warp  (Read 888 times)


I have made a utility texture that needs to maintain a perfectly hard pixel edge, it's a simple coloured voronoi texture that I put through a warp to break up the straight lines.

As soon as I add the warp it introduces anti-aliasing/sub-sampling that breaks my texture.

Is there a node setup that will let me unanti-alias / color remap my result after the warp so that it only uses the colours that were present pre-warp, I don't seem to be able to disable sub-sampling on the warp node (unless that is a project wide setting which would be just fine).

I've tried:
- Quantize (kinda makes the problem worse)
- Color match (no idea how that works but it also makes the problem worse)

Is there an alternative to Warp that will maintain my hard pixel edges?



Unfortunately the sampling filtering is not exposed on the Warp nodes, we'll see if we can do that..

The only solution for now is to recreate the warp node using a Pixel Processor. Here it is.
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Fantastic! Thank you Nicolas.

EDIT: Finally was able to try it and the result was perfect, thank you :D
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