Author Topic: Modifying Substance Live Link to work in a production environment  (Read 1090 times)

Hi! We are looking into integrating Substance Painter Live Link to UE4 as a part of our workflow, but for that to work, there is a couple of things we need to change.

Is it possible to change:
  • Project Template when using the "Send to substance Painter" option in UE4
  • Change the Textures exported from painter to unreal
  • Change the texture location exported from painter to unreal

I've just started poking around, but would this be possible to fix if we edit "main.qml" in DCC-LIVE-LINK plugin in substance painter?

Hi morgansFuncom,

We don't have any plans to update the Live Link to support different workflows. However, if you add the capability to select between different texture exports/locations you can submit the changes to me as a pull request (, this way you aren't on a divergent code line for a long period.