Author Topic: Editing SVG  (Read 2939 times)

According to the tutorial part3, I should be able to edit a imported SVG file.
But when I import a SVG, it is not editable.

The editability will depend on how the SVG was formated -- if you used a program to make the graphic you may have the option of controlling what information was output into the SVG, which will impact it's editability in SD. For Inkscape (which is free) I use save as file type "Optimized SVG" to clean up the SVG output and make it something SD will read as editable.

Also, the SVG must be embedded and not linked to be editable.

Plain SVG does not work.
But optimized SVG does work.
I don’t know the correct settings for the export options though.
Thank you for your help.

If you click the help tab (you can see it in your screencap) it explains all the parameters.