Author Topic: Question about PBRGuide  (Read 803 times)

I'm reading THE PBR GUIDE - PART 2 recently, and I found the paragraph below.
"Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is a methodology rather than a hard standard. There are specific principles and guidelines, but no one true rule, which means there can be different implementations. The map types and workflow used can vary. A GGX BRDF is commonly used but there can be variation in the terms. Also, some implementations change the map names, even though their underlying usage remains the same."
Actually, I couldn't comprehend that PBR can be different implementations very well, is that means the diffrent worlkflow in PBR? like Metallic/Roughness and Specular/Glossness.

For example yes, and even using the same map names, the math behind it can vary slightly.