Author Topic: MaterialX GLSL Shaders for Painter - Standard Surface  (Read 4646 times)

Tutorial I have a Question About:

I've got a question about the Standard Surface root node presented in this tutorial: It seems to me that the Standard Surface root node that one needs to use to export Painter GLSL shaders doesn't have a fully functioning suite of features. Specifically, when I was trying to test Sheen and Clear Coat I noticed a couple of things.
  • Sheen: This input functions in Designer's real-time viewport. But when exported to Painter (utilizing the area of 'user#' inputs), Sheen no longer seems to have any affect on the rendered material.
  • Clear Coat: This input seems to work in Designer's real-time viewport - however, it looks weird, half the model gets consumed with black color for some reason. And in Painter's viewport, Clear Coat appears to have no affect on the rendered material

I understand the MaterialX plugin is still work in progress, I'm just curious which features of the Standard_Surface shader root node work and what features don't work.

However, I'm really liking MaterialX's implementation in Designer, though - especially for building Painter viewport shaders. I'm looking forward to seeing it expanded upon.