Author Topic: Custom GLSL - Sheen & Clear Coat?  (Read 1270 times)

To build a GLSL Shader for Painter's real-time viewport which renders cloth Sheen and Clear Coat effects.

I recently built an MDL shader which has a Sheen and Clear Coat layer, and I wanted to create a Painter viewport GLSL shader which replicates that MDL shader in the viewport.

I'm a novice when it comes to writing GLSL, and the language is a bit strange looking to me, so this has been challenging. I'm familiar with coding with C# & Python, and I'm also very familiar with building custom shaders in various renderers using Node Graph Schematics.

As a beginner in GLSL, I've found Substance Painter's documentation for its implementation of GLSL to be a bit sparse. And of course looking online for information on GLSL can get quite expansive - there's so many different implementations of GLSL, from low level to high level. All I want to do is make a simple shader for Painter's real-time viewport. Would anyone have any suggestions for where I might be able to go.

I tried building the shader I need with the new MaterialX plugin through Designer. While that appears promising and I'm glad to see it being built, it doesn't seem perfect right now. The Standard_Surface shader has some areas that don't seem to function at all in Painter - such as its built-in Sheen and Clear Coat inputs (they work in the Designer viewport, but not in Painter's).

Any help would be appreciated. Even just pointing in a direction would be great! :-)

Thank you.