Author Topic: Zbrush base color texture import not aligned  (Read 2189 times)

I keep running into an issue when I try to bring the base color texture back into Zbrush.

I create the UV Map in ZB, export the .OBJ and load into SP.  Paint a simple color over one section, export the Base Color channel and import into ZB Texture and the alignment is all off.  Obviously something is not mapping correctly.

As a test I created the UV Map in Blender instead of ZB and same issue.  If I pull the texture into Blender itself then it works.

What step am I missing in ZB for the UV Maps to align correctly?  Do I need to flip something?

Any assistance would be helpful, thank you
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if you import textures in zbrush, you need to flip them vertically; you can do this in the texture palette inside zbrush

Thank you.  I went back and compared the textures to the UV Map and saw how they were off, lesson learned to check that first.