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Hi, I was using SP last night without any issues and about 2-3 hours ago I went to load in an FBX file and the program just hangs forever. I tried using a sample project file and get the same issue. I checked the conflicting software list and have none, updated to latest GPU drivers, reinstalled SP and of course tried multiple reboots. The only software I've installed between last night and tonight is a game.

Would appreciate any help. Thank you.


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Checking conflicting software was a good call indeed - it can be sneaky though. It might not be anything you are currently running or you are even aware of (some software installs additional components that you might not know about, we already had users letting us know about that sort of thing). When you are running Painter, you should open your Task Manager and scroll through the list. The biggest suspect is usually Nahimic, but you can keep an eye out for all the others here:

You could also check your antivirus to make sure that it is not blocking anything.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
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Thanks for getting back to me. There is definitely no conflicting software running or even installed and the only anti-virus I've ever had is Windows Security. After some troubleshooting I realised that Painter only crashes when the window or an undocked tab is on either of my secondary monitors and not my main monitor.

This was never an issue in the past and literally became an issue overnight, so I suspect I have a hardware fault, most likely the graphics card. If you have any ideas let me know, I'm going to install my old GTX 980 later on tonight and see if the problem remains.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!