Author Topic: UDIM Tiles Fill Layer Uneven Texture Distribution  (Read 857 times)

I unwrapped a human character in blender and placed the body on the first UDIM tile and the face on the second UDIM tile. I exported this as an FBX. In Substance Painter, when I applied the smart basic skin material as a fill layer, the size of the textures (pores, veins, ect.) were smaller on the body than the face. Both UDIM tiles are 4k resolution. How do I apply a fill layer to have equal texture distribution based on 3d geometry and not UV island size? Is this not possible in painter? I tried tri-planer on all the layers; that did not solve the problem.

Do a little research on texel density. The UVs in each udim need to be sized for the same texel density. (I don't use blender and I'm not familiar with it to give directions on what to do in blender, if blender has an automated way of doing it.) You could apply a UV checker texture and size the face UVs to make the UV checker texture square size be the same as the body.