Author Topic: Textures appearing with checkers on it  (Read 377 times)

When I've tried adding the materials of this texture set using a imported tga/png (tried both) fill layer for it, it comes out with this result having a different colour tone and white checkers being visible when viewing it as a base colour.
Not only that, but putting it onto the 'material' view, the textures appear brighter/paler than they should be.
This happens on a few of the texture sets of this model, however not on the majority of them which is what I find odd about it.

Here's a picture of one of the texture sets where the issue occurs:

That would tell me that your image has transparency which is why it looks like this.

Example, I'll take a red square in Photoshop and make it opac a bit then put it into Painter and view it under the Base Color view.

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