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Hello ,

I am unable to save my project in Painter. Comes up with an error everytime and I dont know why...

Log attahced

It would help to provide the error message you're receiving.   :)
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the error message is in the log that I attached . ;)

but its too late now anyway my computer went to sleep and Painter crashed as it always does when my pc sleeps. :-[

thanks anyway

No problem. 👍
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

Hey Joel,

Looks like there might be a few potential causes for your issue from what I see in the log.

1. Your GPU driver is out of date, I strongly recommend you update it as it may be the cause of many diverse issues.

2. There seems to be an issue with one of your imported resources: depositphotos_197578320-stock-video-windscreen-wiper-animation.png If it is unreadable or corrupted, it might be blocking your project save. Try to remove it from all places in your project and then remove it from your shelf.

3. Your projects seems to be on disk E - could you check you have enough space there?
Valeria Gerontopoulos
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Hey Val,

Thanks fpor your reply!

My drivers are not up to date as most recent AMD drivers are not compatible with Painter.

Got plenty of space of my E drive

I think it was the corrupted file paths for my imported resources that was causing the problem. In the end painter crashed and I had to start again anyway :(