Author Topic: [IMPORTANT] Some SBSAR nodes turn into Ghost instances in version 10.2.2  (Read 1411 times)

Hello everyone,

Following a fix in the way the paths of graphs in SBSAR instance nodes are stored in an SBS package, you may experience Ghost instances where SBSAR instance nodes originally were.

Prior to version 10.2.2 (2020.2.2), graphs in SBSAR instance nodes had their paths moved to the root of the SBSAR package, even if they were originally placed in a folder. We fixed this so there is parity between SBS and SBSAR packages regarding the paths of the graphs they contain.

This means the paths stored in SBS packages containing the SBSAR instances are no longer valid for graphs originally contained in folders.

To fix this, simply recreate the SBSAR instance node in place of the Ghost instance, and reconnect the node accordingly. This is a one-time fix and there should be no issues after that action is taken, provided you keep working in version 10.2.2 (2020.2.2). SBSAR files do not need to be republished or altered in any way.

We understand this is an inconvenience, and appreciate your patience.

Best regards and happy holidays from the Substance Designer team!
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