Author Topic: Mirrororing is off by a fraction.  (Read 282 times)

Was wondering if anyone knows a way i can move/edit the one side of this too fit the eye better, as you can see the right eye is the one being mirrord too and its very much off the mark, sadly you cant just move this in the Y axis or something and am a little confused on what i should go about doing to fix this?

any help would be lovely!

Hello Gareth,

If I am understanding your issue correctly, the Mirror filter you are using should have an offset setting in Properties which should allow you to adjust your mirroring.

Alternatively, not sure if you painted your texture (manually or using projection), but if you did, you can use the symmetry tool for painting, which can be found in the top toolbar - might give you more of a control.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist