Author Topic: Using 3d model as an input for Substance designer  (Read 970 times)

 I`ve created a custom `tile`in blender and i want to use it as an input for my tiled material. Do i need to somehow turn it into alpha or there is a way to directly upload an obj to use it as an input for tile generator. I would really appreciate your help guys.

Substance designer can only use bitmaps as inputs. These bitmaps can of course be normal maps, position maps etc to make materials that adjust themselves to a model, but the shape of the model itself can not be used directly.

You can bake a heightmap of your tile by baking your tile (as "high poly" mesh) to a flat plane (as "low poly" mesh).

yeah figured that out but thanks a lot for reply! Maybe you can help me with something else: I`ve made a material in substance designer but it works weird. I want my paint layer with color height and normal to be above my fill layer with the material i made. Instead it works like a transparent thing everything i draw above becomes same material. I guess i need to expose some kind of parameter? I just want it to work like default materials like shown on the second screenshot. 

This is more likely something in painter than in designer.

In painter, by default height is blended by adding, which maintains height info of the underlying layer. Try setting the blendmode on your height to 'normal' instead of the default 'linear dodge'
Also try setting 'normal mixing' in the texture set tab to 'replace' instead of 'combine' if you're using normals.