Author Topic: Image input on Unreal 4.26  (Read 708 times)

I've been trying to get image inputs working on a substance in Unreal 4.26. From what I've managed to understand, all answers seem to point out to "Import the image as Substance Image Input (*.jpg etc etc)".

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there's no such asset import option in Unreal 4.26. I've scrolled down but all I can find related to Substance is "substance texture (*.sbsar)".

Please tell me what am I doing wrong  :) Thank you.

Edit: Solved, apparently regular UE textures are used now, and the problem was in my material graph.
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Hi! Integrations PM here! Yes the Substance in UE4 plugin was refactored earlier this year to now use UE textures. Glad you were able to resolve!
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