Author Topic: Upgrade to laptop to maximise Substance  (Read 882 times)

Due to a major malfunction with my laptop, I have had to use a laptop of a lower spec and Substance Designer is not performing well at this spec.

I am looking at simply upgrading the RAM and possibly the graphics card, although I am unsure as to whether the latter is required.

I have a slot available on the RAM (see below) so I guess that could be used to expand the RAM?. I don't know much about RAM so any extra info on such things as DD3/MHz/recommended GB would be useful
My graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M.

I am on a lower budget so I don't want to be paying for really fancy upgrades.


If you use the GPU engine, make sure Designer uses the Nvidia GPU and not the integrated Intel one, but it looks like your RAM is saturated indeed, so doubling that amount may increase performance.