Author Topic: SetPropertyAnnotationValue 'editor' not working  (Read 1487 times)


I'm creating my parameters through code and everything is working fine, however, I'm not able to set the Propery Annotation Value of 'editor' to 'color' instead Slider. Everything else I can easily modify.

Code: [Select]
self.sdGraph.setPropertyAnnotationValueFromId(graphInputTargetColor, 'type', SDValueString.sNew('float3'))
            self.sdGraph.setPropertyAnnotationValueFromId(graphInputTargetColor, 'editor', SDValueString.sNew('color'))
            self.sdGraph.setPropertyAnnotationValueFromId(graphInputTargetColor, 'label', SDValueString.sNew('Tint Color'))
            self.sdGraph.setPropertyAnnotationValueFromId(graphInputTargetColor, 'clamp', SDValueBool.sNew(True))
            self.sdGraph.setInputPropertyValueFromId('target_color', SDValueFloat3.sNew(float3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0)))

Any help is very much appreciated.


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I can reproduce the issue. It is a bug. We opened a ticket in our bug database to keep track of it.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any alternative to set the editor type from Python at the moment.