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what to do?? I am a Indie Subscriber on Steam for 2020 and now 2021 when I can download ??? I am in need of some materials for a project please help very urgent

Hi Saffron,

As described on the Steam page, Substance Source downloads are not included in the Steam offer as on Steam you can only purchase individual tools.
Source downloads are only offered in the Substance subscription.

If you need downloads points the only option would be to get a subscription for one month to get 30 downloads.
You can unsuscribe before the month is over so you are sure not to get charged for a new month, and you can use your download points even after you have unsubscribed
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so exactly what needs to be done? in order to get a yearly subscription with monthly 30 there any way to subscribe to source only? and why such drastic change this year last year we got source access this is getting very annoying day by day. any way I can cancel my 2021 purchase on steam? as it is useless without source
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I see that you have 106 asset points on your Substance account, you won't have any new points with the Steam licence but you can still use the points you have already aquired!
Are you sure you are logged with your Substance account,
If you log in with your Adobe account you won't see your points as the two accounts are not linked
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how can I confirm that? I guess I am logged in with the email I have registered with Substance and not with Adobe.

hey!!! just to update is it browser based? cause in Chrome browser(logged in with the same ID as I am in currently) I can see my 106 points and in MS Edge I don't have any points(the browser I am using for the support to interact with you)  really puzzling
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Maybe you have been logged in automatically with your Adobe account on Edge?
Could you try logging out and logging in again with your Substance account on Edge? It should work on both browsers the same way.
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not possible as it doesn't have any history of any site due to its not my primary browser, I only use it as a makeshift browser
and Adobe doesn't have the email ID registered the one I am using here. both are from different domains.

Hey Marion
where can I get additional substance points? as my steam licence doesn't have it anymore

where can I get additional substance points?

The only way currenlty to get additional Source points is to get a subscription for one month.
You can subscribe, wait a few hours until you have received your points and unsubscribe so you are sure that the sub won't continue the next month.
You'll be able to use the 30 points you have aquired whenever you want, even if you are not subscribed anymore
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