Author Topic: Execute javascript from python  (Read 2422 times)

Is it possible to execute the js api using the python api. I need to do this since in the python api is rather limiting and doesn't support the need for exporting maps as i would normally do is js using this code below:

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It doesn't appear the python api allows you to specify the path to an export preset and it actually export.

Hello JokerMartini,

I alse need this feature. Do you have solution for it?

If you want to make the export preset, the new Painter has already added this feature.
Please take a look new Painter python doc
it was in "export module"

sorry, not just for export.
I need to call js in python, such as, you can call mel command in python in maya.,35324.0.html

I remembered this topic said some JS and python scripts, I didn't try it. If your request is urgent, you could try to do it.
Otherwise waiting for the new python version is better:)
Good luck.