Author Topic: SP Baking errors  (Read 566 times)

Hi all,

I'm quite new to SP, sorry if this issues have been explained before. I fixed my problem but I'm still intrigued why I was getting bad results and I would like to better understand SP baking process.

I have my periscope in Modo but in SP I get several baking errors.

Periscope in SP:

Bake mesh maps result:

I fixed the problem by triangulating the periscope in Modo and then exporting but I'm intrigued why?
Thank you


If you originally your mesh is not triangulated, Painter will triangulate it on its own. And of course, this triangulation might be different than the one you are getting in Modo. We would usually recommend triangulating in your modelling software, as you did, as you may avoid unexpected results if you do it manually yourself.
Valeria Gerontopoulos
Product Designer | 3D Artist