Author Topic: Weird black (sometimes multicoloured) artifacts in viewport.  (Read 752 times)

The image is self explanitory.

This happens when I usually apply one material ontop of another, and when changing document resolution. Also comes through when exporting textures.

The only way to fix the problem is to work on 1024 document resolution.

GPU: AMD Radeon 5700XT
CPU: Ryzen 3700XT

I have the same specs ans same problem, they say its an issue with drivers, I really need a fix soon! I cant work and I really need to use the software. Meanwhile consider as me other sotwares. This is the only one im having problems with

Its a drivers issue.... sadly they are saying that they already contacted AMD for it.... Im also very upset as its been more than 2 weeks with not beeing able to use the software that im paying.... should have a free month or something.... Im thinking of just changing to Mari for good.... im using quixel mixer already for the things i need to hand in during this days.

Since this is an AMD driver issue, it is something they need to fix on their side unfortunately and we can only offer a workaround.

The best you can do for the moment is downgrade your driver to either 20.9 or 20.8 (instead of 20.11 which has issues). Please check this thread for more details:,35908.0.html
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